Monday, February 9, 2009

Girl Disappearing

With girl disappearing
what on earth’s occurring?
‘cause she’s right in front of me
a girl disappearing
to some secret prison
behind her eyes she whispers

Alot is new in my life. i have so much to tell you. i
really dont know where to start. im finnally happy again
I've finnaly become true to myself and my
feelings, and I've made some dramatic life
changes. since i was extremy little I sufferd from an
idenity disorder. basicaly when i was little i thought i
was a girl and it took a long time for my family to convince
me other wise. i surpressed it for years. when i got with
you in new york it actually went away because i knew you
wouldnt understand, and i was head over heels in love with
you. after we finnaly seperated i went through it mentaly
i wanted to kill myself all the time. you now
how difficult that seperation was for us. but after alot of
therapy by myself and with my entire family. i realized i
was meant to be a girl. while i was home i became a
girl. my whole family accepts and love it. my mother even
told me it was the best thing i could have done. im
finnaly living my life the way it suppose to be lived. i
hope you dont hate me. you're the last to find out
because of my fear of your hatered and misunderstanding.
hopefully one day you'll undeerstand.

I'll love you always Baby Boy,

Received this email from the first and only true love of my life at 3am in the morning two days ago.

P.S. This letter hit me like a freight train.

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